How can I ask something about a jewel?

For your queries with regard to any jewel, contact us with contact form , with a message in our Facebook Page or by phone at (+30) 26510 72480.

How can I order jewellery from

You can order one or more jewels through our website. As an alternative, you can send us a message in our Facebook Page or call us at (+30) 26510 72480.

Will I be charged for shipping?

Please ckeck our Shipping Page (Click Here).

How and when will I receive my order in Greece?

Please consult our Shipping Information Page (Click Here).

How and when will I receive my order in my country (outside Greece)?

About our delivery methods, you can consult our Shipping Information Page (Click Here).

How do I pay for my order?

You can pay on delivery only for domestic orders (i.e. you will pay in cash to the postal services company) and worldwide by credit card or PayPal, or you can deposit money in the bank. For more informations about our payment methods, you can consult our Payment Options Information Page (Click Here).

Can you issue an invoice for my purchases?

Yes. When you make an order, you can choose to issue an invoice instead of a receipt. Of course in this case you will have to fill in the invoice with your personal details.

I want to buy but I am afraid to give away my credit card details.

During the purchase process, your connection is automatically transferred in xxxxxxxxxxx bank secure server. Thanks to the 256-bit SSL encryption your transaction is safe and your credit card’s details are not stored, instead they are only used to verify and charge your account. After the transaction takes place, all the information is deleted from the bank’s database. Of course you can always do your shopping by cash on delivery, by bank deposit or by PayPal.

I want to make an order but I don’t want to sign up and make an account in

No problem! You can proceed with your purchase as a visitor without registration.

What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

If you are not satisfied with the jewelry you bought, you can return it within 14 days and get your money back or buy another jewel instead. For more information about our return policy, please check our Returns Policy Information Page (Click Here).

I think that the jewel that i have in my hands is not exactly the same as the one that i have ordered.

All of our jewelery are made one by one by hand, that’s why while the designs are the same, minor differences may be noticeable. After all that’s what makes every single one of our jewelry unique.

I’m allergic to some metals, will i be able to wear jewelry from

If you know which metals you’re allergic to, then you know what to choose from our collections. If you don’t know which metals you’re allergic to, we suggest that you order your earrings with silver or gold plated silver hooks (that will cost an extra euro). For allergies to nickel we suggest that you avoid german silver. Allergies are not that noticeable in bracelets and necklaces, but if you’ve noticed some hypersensitivity you can change the metal clamp with twine or lace (contact
us with contact form for whatever preferences you have).

How can i know if the ring that i want fits my finger?

Most of our ring are adjustable so they can fit all fingers. For the non adjustable rings you can download our ring sizer onto your computer from our main page.

My ears are not pearced, are there any earrings suitable for me?

Yes. All of our earring designs can come with a silver plated clip that is ideal for non pierced ears.

Will my new jewelry tarnish?

Most metals tend to tarnish with time, but at all metal jewelry are buffed with “Renaissance Wax”, this product has been designed by the British Museum and restoration specialists, to prevent tarnishing, for more info visit the Jewelry Care Page (Click Here).

Can I do a custom order?

Yes! You will have to contact us with contact form or by phone at (+30) 26510 72480.

I want to make a present to a loved one and I want it to be delivered to his/her place as a surprise! Can the buyer and the receiver be different persons with
different addresses?

Yes. You can specify a delivery address for your order and another one for the receipt/invoice. The buyer and the recipient can be under a different name as well. Thus, your loved one will receive the present and you will receive the receipt/invoice. You can also ask us to include a dedication card in our package. All you have to do is write the text you want on the card in the comments box before completing your order.

You informed me that my order has been completed and my jewelry has been sent. How can I know where exactly my package is and when it will be delivered to me?

For domestic deliveries you can use the “Track and trace” service provided by the postal services company we work with “ELTA courier porta-porta”. All you have to do is visit the website ELTA courier tracking (Click Here) and enter the tracking number you will be given you when you complete your order, in the relevant field. For international deliveries you can use the tracking service provided by the national postal service of your country by typing the tracking number
that we will provide you with.

What kinds of materials are used for the making of your jewels?

The main metals we use are german silver copper and brass. In many of them we use semi precious stones, pearls, corals seashells, crystals, enamel, liquid glass, paper, fabric and other materials.

I own a retail shop. Can I buy wholesale?

Of course. The items displayed in our website are for wholesale customers as well, all you have to do is contact us and we will send you our wholesale catalog.